yazhoucaipiao.com_【官方首页】-亚洲彩票谢孟媛英语音标发音视频第22集 Unit 5 音的变化,本集课当中,我们会学习1)子音和母音,也就是前字字尾的子音和后字字首的母音连接时发生的连读和音变;2)前字字尾的子音和后字字首的子音相同,前子音省略。3)前字字尾的母音和后字字首的母音中,会多出[w] 及[j]的发音 4) [t][d][s][z]结尾,接上y开头的字,会产生的音变详解

※ 子音+母音→前字字尾的子音和后字字首的母音连接
(例)give up , take out
turn off , take it easy
tell her I miss her.

(例)sit down , credit card , hot dog
I was so happy./ He needs a lot of money.
I have got to go.→ I havegotta go.
Do you want to dance?→Do you wanna dance?

※母音+母音→前字字尾的母音和后字字首的母音中,会多出[w] 及[j]的发音。
(例)Do I?/ You're so honest. / He is a boy.

※T. D. S. Z+Y→ [t][d][s][z]结尾,接上y开头的字,会产生下列音变

(1) T+Y→音变
(例)Can't you do it? / I'll let you know.
Is that your car? / No, not yet.

(例)Did you love me? Could you tell us?
Where did you buy it?

(例)God bless you. / Can you dress yourself?
I miss you.

(例) How was your cacation? / He says you're good. /Where's your sister?